Quoting and ordering software for your website


We can put any online form or calculator onto your website, such as quote generators, order forms, reservation systems, availability calendars, catalogues, shopping carts, customer feedback systems, financial calculators, expense reports...the list is endless. Quote Generator Plus helps you build a very professional, top quality and interactive website, which can turn visitors into clients. This is the start of a successful online presence for your business.
Let your customers make an estimate and book appointments online. Increase customer convenience and loyalty while reducing your own cost. Allow customers to self-calculate prices for services and book appointments 24/7 from anywhere using a computer.


Quote Generator

Would you like your website to become part of your sales team? You can:

  • Provide instant quotes to your customer (visualization available for online quoting)
  • Provide information about your availability, events, and much more
  • Take orders online 24/7
  • Provide instant payment options (PayPal, which accepts major credit cards)
  • Provide online quoting and online appointment scheduling services


Upgrade your website with Quote Generator Plus and receive the following benefits:

The Quote Generator system allows your customers to conveniently receive instant quotes and place orders online.

Quote Generator is one of the most innovative, web software applications for e-commerce.

Don't miss out on a major part of the online market! Get your online Quote Generator today!


We can provide you with services, such as:

  • Customized instant online Quote Generator connected to your website.

  • Online booking form, which is filled out by your customer and send to your email

  • Custom branded order forms unique to your business, providing a highly professional image
  • Hosting space for the Quote Generator.

Online Quoting System

Give your clients instant price estimations for your services. The Quote Generator system enables you to easily receive enquiries from your customers and instantly provide them with price estimations for the services they've chosen. This is a great solution for anybody who wants to provide a quick quote for their customers.

Web-Based Quoting and Ordering Software

Quote Generator Plus could become one of the most important tools for a wide variety of industries, such as:

This tool can be especially invaluable for small businesses, as it can be quite expensive to retain the manpower required to answer the phone 24/7, make detailed estimates, prepare work schedules, accept orders, book and cancel appointments, etc.

With Quote Generator Plus you can do all of these things automatically, 24/7.

After your clients have specified their requirements and checked the prices, they can send you their order directly from your web site with just a click of a button.